BasicObject: A root class like Object but without references

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Class BasicObject

public class BasicObject





The core value of the object.

Fields and Methods


$ -
$<- -
.DollarNames -
.subset2Internal -
[[ -
[[<- -
as.character Gets a character string representing the object.
attach Attach an BasicObject to the R search path.
detach Detach an BasicObject from the R search path.
equals Compares an object with another.
extend Extends another class.
getFields Returns the field names of an BasicObject.
getInstantiationTime Gets the time when the object was instantiated.
hasField Checks if a field exists or not.
hashCode Gets a hash code for the object.
isReferable Checks if the object is referable or not.
newInstance Creates a new instance of the same class as this object.
objectSize Gets the size of the BasicObject in bytes.
print Prints an BasicObject.

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