REBayes: Empirical Bayes Estimation and Inference in R

Kiefer-Wolfowitz maximum likelihood estimation for mixture models and some other density estimation and regression methods based on convex optimization.

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AuthorRoger Koenker [aut, cre], Jiaying Gu [ctb], Ivan Mizera [ctb]
Date of publication2016-11-13 10:14:21
MaintainerRoger Koenker <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

bball: U.S. Major League Batting Average Data: 2002-2012

Bmix: Binomial mixture estimation via Kiefer Wolfowitz MLE

Cosslett: Kiefer-Wolfowitz estimator for Cosslett (1983) estimator...

flies: Medfly Data

Gammamix: NPMLE for Gamma Mixtures

GLmix: Kiefer-Wolfowitz NPMLE for Gaussian Location Mixtures

Gompertzmix: NPMLE for Gompertz Mixtures

Guvenen: Annual Increments in Log Income

GVmix: NPMLE for Gaussian Variance Heterogeneity

KWDual: Dual optimization for Kiefer-Wolfowitz problems

L1norm: L1norm for piecewise linear functions

medde: Maximum Entropy [De]Regularized Density Estimation

Norberg: Norberg Life Insurance Data

plot.medde: Plotting method for medde objects

Pmix: Poisson mixture estimation via Kiefer Wolfowitz MLE

predict.Bmix: Predict Method for Bmix

predict.GLmix: Predict Method for GLmix

predict.Pmix: Predict Method for Pmix

qmedde: Quantile function for medde estimate

rmedde: Random number generation from a medde estimate

Rxiv: Archive function for auxiliary files for latex documents

tacks: Beckett and Diaconis flipping tacks data

tannenbaum: Perverse Gaussian Mixture data

TLmix: NPMLE for Student t location mixtures

Tncpmix: NPMLE for Student t non-centrality parameter mixtures

traprule: Integration by Trapezoidal Rule

velo: Rotational Velocity of Stars

Weibullmix: NPMLE for Weibull Mixtures

WGLVmix: Weighted NPMLE ofLongitudinal Gaussian Mean and Variances...

WGVmix: WGVmix: Weighted Generalized Maximum Likelihood for Empirical...

WLVmix: NPMLE for Longitudinal Gaussian Means and Variances Model...

WTLVmix: NPMLE for Longitudinal Gaussian Means and Variances Model


bball Man page
Bmix Man page
Cosslett Man page
flies Man page
Gammamix Man page
GLmix Man page
Gompertzmix Man page
Guvenen Man page
GVmix Man page
KWDual Man page
L1norm Man page
medde Man page
Norberg Man page
plot.medde Man page
Pmix Man page
predict.Bmix Man page
predict.GLmix Man page
predict.Pmix Man page
qmedde Man page
rmedde Man page
Rxiv Man page
tacks Man page
tannenbaum Man page
TLmix Man page
Tncpmix Man page
traprule Man page
velo Man page
Weibullmix Man page
WGLVmix Man page
WGVmix Man page
WLVmix Man page
WTLVmix Man page


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