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Medfly data from the Carey et al (1992) experiment. There are 1,203,646 uncensored survival times!




A data frame with 19072 observations on the following 17 variables.

  • ageage at death in days

  • numfrequency count of age at death

  • prcurrcurrent proportion male

  • currentcurrent density

  • cohortcohort/pupal batch

  • sizepupal size

  • cagecage number

  • femalefemale = 1

  • cumulcumulative density

  • prcumucumulative proportion male

  • begininitial cage density

  • prbegininitial proportion mail

  • size4size group 4

  • size5size group 5

  • size6size group 6

  • size7size group 7

  • size8size group 8


Quoting from Carey et al (1992) “...Pupae were sorted into one of five size classes using a pupal sorter. This enabled size dimorphism to be eliminated as a potential source of sex-specific mortality differences. Approximately, 7,200 medflies (both sexes) of a given size class were maintained in each of 167 mesh covered, 15 cm by 60 cm by 90 cm aluminum cages. Adults were given a diet of sugar and water, ad libitum, and each day dead flies were removed, counted and their sex determined ...”


Carey, J.R., Liedo, P., Orozco, D. and Vaupel, J.W. (1992) Slowing of mortality rates at older ages in large Medfly cohorts, Science, 258, 457-61.

Koenker, R. and O. Geling (2001) Reappraising Medfly Longevity: A Quantile Regression Survival Analysis, J. Am. Stat. Assoc, 96, 458-468.

Koenker, R. and Jiaying Gu, (2013) “Frailty, Profile Likelihood and Medfly Mortality,” Contemporary Developments in Statistical Theory: A Festschrift for Hira Lal Koul, S.N. Lahiri, A. Schick, Ashis Sengupta, and T.N. Sriram, (eds.), Springer.

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