Norberg: Norberg Life Insurance Data

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Norwegian Life Insurance Exposures and Claims




A data frame with 72 observations on the following 3 variables.


The data arise from 1125 original groups insured during all or part of the period 1982-85 by a major Nowegian insurance company. Exposures can be normalize by a factor of 344 as in Hastrup (2000) and then can be interpreted as the apriori expected number of claims (deaths) for each group. The original 1125 groups were aggregated into 72 as in Norberg (1989).


Norberg, R. (1989) Experience rating in group life insurance, Scand. Actuarial J.,194-224.

Haastrup, S. (2000) Comparison of some Bayesian analyses of heterogeneity in group life insurance, Scand. Actuarial J.,2-16.

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