Man pages for RFLPtools
Tools to Analyse RFLP Data

0RFLP-packageTools To Analyse RFLP-Data
BLASTdataExample data set for BLAST data
diffDistDistance Matrix Computation
FragMatchCompute matches for RFLP data via FragMatch.
germCompute matches for RFLP data via GERM.
linCombDistLinear Combination of Distances
newDataGermExample data set from GERM software
nrBandsFunction to compute number of bands.
read.blastRead BLAST data
read.rflpRead RFLP data
refDataGermExample data set from GERM software
RFLPcombineCombine RFLP data sets
RFLPdataExample data set for RFLP data
RFLPdistCompute distances for RFLP data.
RFLPdist2Compute distances for RFLP data.
RFLPdist2refCompute distance between RFLP data and RFLP reference data.
RFLPlodRemove bands below LOD
RFLPplotFunction to plot RFLP data.
RFLPqcQuality control for RFLP data
RFLPrefExample data set for RFLP reference
RFLPrefplotFunction for a visual comparison of RFLP samples with...
sim2distConvert similarity matrix to dist object.
simMatrixSimilarity matrix for BLAST data.
simulateRFLPdataSimulate RFLP data.
write.hclustCut a hierarchical cluster tree and write cluster identifiers...
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