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Get indices of experiments where knockout or knockdown happened


This function provides the indices of all those samples (out of N) where it is known apriori that a gene was either knocked-out or was knocked-down. This information is useful for the null_model_refinement_step which utilizes the z_score_effect technique (with the help of this information).





N-by-p initial perturbation matrix. It directly corresponds to E matrix, e.g. if K[i,j] is equal to 1, it means that gene j was knocked-out in experiment i. Single gene knock-out experiments are rows of K with only one value 1. Colnames of K is set to be the set of all genes. By default it's a matrix of zeros of the same size as E, e.g. unknown initial perturbation state of genes.


Return a vector containing the indices of all the samples where a gene was knocked-out/down.


Raghvendra Mall <>

See Also

null_model_refinement_step, z_score_effect

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