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Returns a keybinding associated with this action, if one exists. The returned string is in the format "<a>;<b>;<c>" (i.e. semicolon-delimited), where <a> is the keybinding which activates the object if it is presently enabled onscreen, <b> corresponds to the keybinding or sequence of keys which invokes the action even if the relevant element is not currently posted on screen (for instance, for a menu item it posts the parent menus before invoking). The last token in the above string, if non-empty, represents a keyboard shortcut which invokes the same action without posting the component or its enclosing menus or dialogs.





[AtkAction] a GObject instance that implements AtkActionIface


[integer] the action index corresponding to the action to be performed


[character] a string representing the available keybindings, or NULL if there is no keybinding for this action.


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