gtkTextBufferBeginUserAction: gtkTextBufferBeginUserAction

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Called to indicate that the buffer operations between here and a call to gtkTextBufferEndUserAction are part of a single user-visible operation. The operations between gtkTextBufferBeginUserAction and gtkTextBufferEndUserAction can then be grouped when creating an undo stack. GtkTextBuffer maintains a count of calls to gtkTextBufferBeginUserAction that have not been closed with a call to gtkTextBufferEndUserAction, and emits the "begin-user-action" and "end-user-action" signals only for the outermost pair of calls. This allows you to build user actions from other user actions.





a GtkTextBuffer


The "interactive" buffer mutation functions, such as gtkTextBufferInsertInteractive, automatically call begin/end user action around the buffer operations they perform, so there's no need to add extra calls if you user action consists solely of a single call to one of those functions.


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