Man pages for RMariaDB
Database Interface and 'MariaDB' Driver

Client-flagsClient flags
dbConnect-MariaDBDriver-methodConnect/disconnect to a MariaDB DBMS
dbDataTypeDetermine the SQL Data Type of an S object
mariadbClientLibraryVersionsMariaDB Check for Compiled Versus Loaded Client Library...
MariaDBConnection-classClass MariaDBConnection.
MariaDBDriver-classClass MariaDBDriver with constructor MariaDB.
mariadbHasDefaultCheck if default database is available.
mariadb-quotingQuote MariaDB strings and identifiers.
MariaDBResult-classClass MariaDBResult
mariadb-tablesRead and write MariaDB tables.
queryExecute a SQL statement on a database connection.
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
result-metaDatabase interface meta-data.
RMariaDB-packageRMariaDB: Database Interface and 'MariaDB' Driver
transactionsDBMS Transaction Management
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