Man pages for RNetCDF
Interface to 'NetCDF' Datasets

00RNetCDFR Interface to NetCDF Datasets
att.copy.ncCopy Attribute from One NetCDF to Another
att.delete.ncDelete a NetCDF Attribute
att.get.ncGet a NetCDF Attribute
att.inq.ncInquire About a NetCDF Attribute
att.put.ncPut a NetCDF Attribute
att.rename.ncRename a NetCDF Attribute
close.ncClose a NetCDF Dataset
create.ncCreate a NetCDF Dataset
dim.def.ncDefine a NetCDF Dimension
dim.inq.ncInquire About a NetCDF Dimension
dim.rename.ncRename a NetCDF Dimension
file.inq.ncInquire About a NetCDF Dataset
grp.def.ncDefine a NetCDF Group
grp.inq.ncInquire About a NetCDF Group
grp.rename.ncRename a NetCDF Group
open.ncOpen a NetCDF Dataset
print.ncPrint Summary Information About a NetCDF Dataset
read.ncRead a NetCDF Dataset
sync.ncSynchronize a NetCDF Dataset
type.def.ncDefine a NetCDF Type
type.inq.ncInquire About a NetCDF Type
utcal.ncConvert Temporal Amounts to UTC Referenced Dates
utinit.ncInitialize the UDUNITS2 Library
utinvcal.ncConvert UTC Referenced Dates Into Temporal Amounts
var.def.ncDefine a NetCDF Variable
var.get.ncRead Data from a NetCDF Variable
var.inq.ncInquire About a NetCDF Variable
var.par.ncChange Parallel Access Mode
var.put.ncWrite Data to a NetCDF Variable
var.rename.ncRename a NetCDF Variable
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