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Optimally Robust Estimation - Old Version

asBiasGenerating function for asBias-class
asBias-classStandardized Asymptotic Bias
asCovGenerating function for asCov-class
asCov-classAsymptotic covariance
asGRisk-classConvex asymptotic risk
asHampelGenerating function for asHampel-class
asHampel-classAsymptotic Hampel risk
asMSEGenerating function for asMSE-class
asMSE-classAsymptotic mean square error
asRisk-classAymptotic risk
asUnOvShootGenerating function for asUnOvShoot-class
asUnOvShoot-classAsymptotic under-/overshoot probability
BinomFamilyGenerating function for Binomial families
checkICGeneric Function for Checking ICs
checkL2derivGeneric function for checking L2-derivatives
ContICGenerating function for ContIC-class
ContIC-classInfluence curve of contamination type
ContNeighborhoodGenerating function for ContNeighborhood-class
ContNeighborhood-classContamination Neighborhood
evalICGeneric function for evaluating ICs
EvenSymmetricGenerating function for EvenSymmetric-class
EvenSymmetric-classClass for Even Functions
ExpScaleFamilyGenerating function for exponential scale families
fiBiasGenerating function for fiBias-class
fiBias-classFinite-sample Bias
fiCovGenerating function for fiCov-class
fiCov-classFinite-sample covariance
fiHampelGenerating function for fiHampel-class
fiHampel-classFinite-sample Hampel risk
fiMSEGenerating function for fiMSE-class
fiMSE-classFinite-sample mean square error
fiRisk-classFinite-sample risk
fiUnOvShootGenerating function for fiUnOvShoot-class
fiUnOvShoot-classFinite-sample under-/overshoot probability
FixRobModelGenerating function for FixRobModel-class
FixRobModel-classRobust model with fixed (unconditional) neighborhood
FunctionSymmetry-classClass of Symmetries for Functions
FunSymmListGenerating function for FunSymmList-class
FunSymmList-classList of Symmetries for a List of Functions
GammaFamilyGenerating function for Gamma families
generateICGeneric function for the generation of influence curves
getAsRiskGeneric Function for Computation of Asymptotic Risks
getFiRiskGeneric Function for Computation of Finite-Sample Risks
getFixClipGeneric Function for the Computation of the Optimal Clipping...
getFixRobICGeneric Function for the Computation of Optimally Robust ICs
getIneffDiffGeneric Function for the Computation of Inefficiency...
getInfCentGeneric Function for the Computation of the Optimal Centering...
getInfClipGeneric Function for the Computation of the Optimal Clipping...
getInfGammaGeneric Function for the Computation of the Optimal Clipping...
getInfRobICGeneric Function for the Computation of Optimally Robust ICs
getInfStandGeneric Function for the Computation of the Standardizing...
getRiskICGeneric function for the computation of a risk for an IC
GumbelGenerating function for Gumbel-class
Gumbel-classGumbel distribution
GumbelLocationFamilyGenerating function for Gumbel location families
GumbelParameter-classParamter of Gumbel distributions
ICGenerating function for IC-class
IC-classInfluence curve
InfluenceCurveGenerating function for InfluenceCurve-class
InfluenceCurve-classInfluence curve
infoPlotPlot absolute and relative information
InfRobModelGenerating function for InfRobModel-class
InfRobModel-classRobust model with infinitesimal (unconditional) neighborhood
ksEstimatorGeneric Function for the Computation of the Kolmogorov...
L2ParamFamilyGenerating function for L2ParamFamily-class
L2ParamFamily-classL2 differentiable parametric family
leastFavorableRadiusGeneric Function for the Computation of Least Favorable Radii
LnormScaleFamilyGenerating function for lognormal scale families
locMEstimatorGeneric function for the computation of location M estimators
lowerCaseRadiusComputation of the lower case radius
NonSymmetricGenerating function for NonSymmetric-class
NonSymmetric-classClass for Non-symmetric Functions
NormLocationFamilyGenerating function for normal location families
NormLocationScaleFamilyGenerating function for normal location and scale families
NormScaleFamilyGenerating function for normal scale families
OddSymmetricGenerating function for OddSymmetric-class
OddSymmetric-classClass for Odd Functions
oneStepEstimatorGeneric function for the computation of one-step estimators
optICGeneric function for the computation of optimally robust ICs
optRiskGeneric function for the computation of the minimal risk
ParamFamilyGenerating function for ParamFamily-class
ParamFamily-classParametric family of probability measures.
ParamFamParameterGenerating function for ParamFamParameter-class
ParamFamParameter-classParameter of a parametric family of probability measures
PoisFamilyGenerating function for Poisson families
ProbFamily-classFamily of probability measures
radiusMinimaxICGeneric function for the computation of the radius minimax IC
RobModel-classRobust model
ROptEstOldConstantsBuilt-in Constants in package ROptEstOld
TotalVarICGenerating function for TotalVarIC-class
TotalVarIC-classInfluence curve of total variation type
TotalVarNeighborhoodGenerating function for TotalVarNeighborhood-class
TotalVarNeighborhood-classTotal variation neighborhood
trAsCovGenerating function for trAsCov-class
trAsCov-classTrace of asymptotic covariance
trFiCovGenerating function for trFiCov-class
trFiCov-classTrace of finite-sample covariance
UncondNeighborhood-classUnconditional neighborhood
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