Man pages for RRphylo
Phylogenetic Ridge Regression Methods for Comparative Studies

angle.matrixOntogenetic shape vectors analysis
cutPhyloCut the phylogeny at a given age or node
DataApesExample dataset
DataCetaceansExample dataset
DataFelidsExample dataset
DataOrnithodiransExample dataset
DataUngExample dataset
distNodesFinding distance between nodes and tips
evo.dirPhylogenetic vector analysis of phenotypic change
getMommyUpward tip or node to root path
getSisGet sister clade
makeFossilMake fossil species on a phylogeny
makeLMatrix of branch lengths along root-to-tip paths
makeL1Matrix of branch lengths along a root-to-node path
overfitRRTesting RRphylo methods overfit
PGLS_fossilPhylogenetic Generalized Least Square with fossil phylogenies
phyloclustTest for phylogenetic clustering
plotRatesPlot RRphylo rates at a specified node
retrieve.anglesExtracting a user-specified subset of the evo.dir results
RRphyloEvolutionary rates computation along phylogenies
RRphylo-packagePhylogenetic Ridge Regression Methods for Comparative Studies
scaleTreePhylogenetic tree calibration
search.convSearching for morphological convergence among species and...
search.shiftLocating shifts in phenotypic evolutionary rates
search.trendSearching for evolutionary trends in phenotypes and rates
setBMProducing simulated phenotypes with trends
sizedsubtreeFind a node subtending to a clade of desired size
StableTraitsRRun StableTraits from within R
swapONECreate alternative phylogenies from a given tree
swap.phyloTest the effect of phylogenetic uncertainty on rate shifts...
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