RRphylo-package: Phylogenetic Ridge Regression Methods for Comparative Studies

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Phylogenetic Ridge Regression Methods for Comparative Studies


RRphylo provides tools for phylogenetic comparative analysis. The main functions allow estimation of phenotypic evolutionary rates, identification of shifts in rate of evolution, quantification of direction and size of evolutionary change of multivariate traits, and computation of species ontogenetic vectors. Additionally, there are functions for simulating phenotypic data, manipulating phylogenetic trees, and retrieving information from phylogenies. Finally, there are functions to plot and test rate shifts at particular nodes.

The complete list of functions can be displayed with library(help = RRphylo). Citations to individual functions are available by typing citation("RRphylo").


Pasquale Raia, Silvia Castiglione, Carmela Serio, Alessandro Mondanaro, Marina Melchionna, Mirko Di Febbraro, Antonio Profico, Francesco Carotenuto

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