Man pages for RSiteCatalyst
R Client for Adobe Analytics API V1.4

BuildClassificationValueSegmentBuild a Classification Value Segment
BuildRealTimeReportStructureBuild Configuration for Real-Time Report
CancelReportCancel a Report in the Report Queue
GetActivationGet Activation Detail for a Report Suite(s)
GetAxleStartDateGet Cutover Date from SC14 to SC15 for a Report Suite(s)
GetBaseCurrencyGet Base Currency for a Report Suite(s)
GetBaseURLGet Base URL for a Report Suite(s)
GetBookmarksGet Defined Bookmarks for a user
GetCalculatedMetricsGet Calculated Metrics for a Report Suite(s)
GetClassificationsGet Classifications for Selected Report Suite Elements
GetClickMapReportingGet Click Map Settings for a Report Suite(s)
GetCustomCalendarGet Custom Calendar for a Report Suite(s)
GetDashboardsGet Defined Dashboards
GetDataWarehouseDisplayGet Whether Data Warehouse is Enabled for a Report Suite(s)
GetDefaultPageGet Default Page for a Report Suite(s)
GetDiscoverEnabledGet Whether Discover is Enabled for a Report Suite(s)
GetEcommerceGet the Commerce Level for a Report Suite(s)
GetElementsGet Valid Elements for a Report Suite
GetEvarsGet Commerce Variables (eVars) Associated with a Report Suite
GetFeedGet Data Feed Detail for a specific feed
GetFeedsGet Data Feed Detail for a Report Suite(s)
GetFunctionsGet Functions Defined in Adobe Analytics
GetGeoSegmentationGet the Geography Segmentation for a Report Suite(s)
GetGroupRetrieves Information About The Specified Permission Group.
GetGroupsGet Defined User Groups for a Company
GetInternalURLFiltersGet Internal URL Filters for a Report Suite(s)
GetIPAddressExclusionsGet the IP Address Exclusions for a Report Suite(s)
GetIPObfuscationGet IP Obfuscation Status for a Report Suite(s)
GetKeyVisitorsGet Key Visitors for a Report Suite(s)
GetListVariablesGet List Variables for a Report Suite(s)
GetLocalizationGet Localization for a Report Suite(s)
GetLoginGet Login Information for a Single Login
GetLoginsGet Logins for a Company
GetMarketingChannelExpirationGet Marketing Channel Expiration for a Report Suite(s)
GetMarketingChannelRulesGet Marketing Channel Rules for a Report Suite(s)
GetMarketingChannelsGet Defined Marketing Channels for a Report Suite(s)
GetMetricsGet Available Metrics within a Report Suite
GetMobileAppReportingGet Mobile App Reporting Status for a Report Suite(s)
GetPaidSearchDetectionGet Paid Search Detection Parameters for a Report Suite(s)
GetPermanentTrafficGet Permanent Traffic Setting for a Report Suite(s)
GetPreviousServerCallsGet Previous Server Calls for a Report Suite(s)
GetPrivacySettingsGet Privacy Settings for a Report Suite(s)
GetPropsGet Traffic Variables (props) Associated with a Report Suite
GetQueueGet Number/ID of Reports in Queue
GetRealTimeReportGet Real-Time report
GetRealTimeSettingsGet Current Settings for Real-Time Reports
GetReportGet EnQueued Report by report ID
GetReportDescriptionGet Report Description for a Specific bookmark_id
GetReportsByIdsGet EnQueued Reports by report ID
GetReportSuiteGroupsGet Report Suite Groups for a specific report suite
GetReportSuitesGet Report Suites Associated with a Specific User/Company
GetScheduledSpikeGet Scheduled Traffic Spike Setting for a Report Suite(s)
GetSegmentsGet Segments Defined within a Report Suite
GetSiteTitleGet Site Title for a Report Suite(s)
GetSuccessEventsGet Success Events Associated with a Report Suite
GetTemplateGet Template a Report Suite is Based On
GetTimeStampEnabledGet Time Stamp Enabled for a Report Suite(s)
GetTimeZoneGet Time Zone for a Report Suite(s)
GetTrackingServerGet Tracking Server Associated with a Namespace (Company)
GetTransactionEnabledGet Whether Transaction Storage for a Report Suite(s)
GetUniqueVisitorVariableGet Whether Unique Visitor Variable Enabled for a Report...
GetUsageLogGet Admin Actions, Logins, and Reports Accessed
GetVersionAccessGet Products/Versions associated with a specific company
GetVideoSettingsGet Video Settings for a Report Suite(s)
GetVirtualReportSuiteSettingsGet Virtual Report Suite Settings
JsonQueueRealTimeReportCreate Real-Time Report from JSON
QueueDataWarehouseQueue a DataWarehouse Report
QueueFalloutRun a Fallout Report
QueueOvertimeRun an Overtime Report
QueuePathingRun a Pathing report
QueueRankedRun a Ranked Report
QueueSummaryRun a Summary Report
QueueTrendedRun a Trended Report
RSiteCatalystR Client for Adobe Analytics API V1.4
SaveRealTimeSettingsSave Configuration for Real-Time Report
SCAuthStore Credentials for the Adobe Analytics API
SubmitJsonQueueReportCreate Queue Report from JSON
ViewProcessingRulesView Processing Rules
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