Man pages for RSurveillance
Design and Analysis of Disease Surveillance Activities

adj.riskAdjusted risk
adj.risk.simAdjusted risk for simulation models
apApparent prevalence
binom.agrestiAgresti-Coull confidence limits
binom.cpClopper-Pearson exact confidence limits
binom.jeffreysJeffreys confidence limits
disc.priorDiscounted prior probability of freedom
epi.calcEffective probability of infection (EPI)
n.2stage2-stage freedom sample size
n.apSample size for apparent prevalence
n.binomBinomial sample size
n.c.freecalcFreecalc optimum sample size and cut-point number of...
n.c.hpHypergeometric (HerdPlus) optimum sample size and cut-point...
n.freecalcFreecalc sample size for a finite population and specified...
n.freedomFreedom sample size
n.hpHypergeometric (HerdPlus) sample size for finite population...
n.hypergeoHypergeometric sample size
n.pfreeSample size to achieve desired (posterior) probability of...
n.pooledSample size for pooled testing for freedom
n.rbRisk-based sample size
n.rb.2stage.1sample size for 2-stage risk-based surveillance, risk factor...
n.rb.2stage.2Sample size for 2-stage risk-based surveillance, allowing for...
n.rb.varseRisk-based sample size for varying unit sensitivity
n.tpSample size for true prevalence
pfree.1Probability of freedom for single time period
pfree.calcProbability of freedom over time
pfree.equEquilibrium probability of freedom
pstar.calcDesign prevalence back-calculation
sepPopulation sensitivity
se.parallelSensitivity of tests in parallel
sep.binomBinomial Population sensitivity
sep.binom.imperfectBinomial population sensitivity for imperfect test
sep.exactPopulation sensitivity for census (all units tested)
sep.freecalcFreeCalc population sensitivity for imperfect test
sep.hpHypergeometric (HerdPlus) population sensitivity for...
sep.hypergeoHypergeometric Population sensitivity
sep.passivePassive surveillance sensitivity
sep.pfreePopulation sensitivity to achieve desired (posterior)...
sep.pooledPooled population sensitivity
sep.priorPopulation sensitivity to achieve desired prior probability...
sep.rb2.binomBinomial risk-based population sensitivity for 2 risk factors
sep.rb2.hypergeoHypergeometric risk-based population sensitivity for 2 risk...
sep.rb.binBinomial risk-based population sensitivity
sep.rb.bin.varseBinomial risk-based population sensitivity for varying unit...
sep.rb.hypergeoHypergeometric risk-based population sensitivity
sep.rb.hypergeo.varseHypergeometric risk-based population sensitivity for varying...
sep.sys2-stage population sensitivity
sep.var.sePopulation sensitivity for varying unit sensitivity
se.seriesSensitivity of tests in series
sph.binomBinomial population specificity for imperfect test
sph.hpHypergeometric population specificity calculation
sppPopulation specificity
sp.parallelSpecificity of tests in parallel
sp.seriesSpecficity of tests in series
sse.combinedSystem sensitivity by combining multiple surveillance...
sse.rb.2stageTwo-stage risk-based system sensitivity
tpTrue prevalence
tp.normalNormal approximation confidence limits for true prevalence
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