Man pages for Rfssa
Functional Singular Spectrum Analysis

CallcenterNumber of Calls for a Bank.
cor.ftsCorrelation for Functional Time Series Objects
dot-ftsSubtraction of Functional Time Series
fforecastFunctional Singular Spectrum Analysis Recurrent Forecasting...
freconstructReconstruction Stage of Functional Singular Spectrum Analysis
fssaFunctional Singular Spectrum Analysis
ftsFunctional Time Series Class
fwcorWeighted Correlation Matrix
JambiJambi MODIS Data
launchAppLaunch the Shiny Application Demonstration
load_github_dataLoad Data from GitHub Repositories
MontanaMontana Intraday Temperature Curves and NDVI Images Data Set
plot.fssaPlot Functional Singular Spectrum Analysis Objects
plot.ftsFunctional Time Series Visualization Tools Using Plotly
plus-.ftsAddition of Functional Time Series
RfssaRfssa: A Package for Functional Singular Spectrum Analysis...
sub-.ftsIndexing into Functional Time Series
times-.ftsMultiplication of Functional Time Series
wplotWeighted-Correlations Plot
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