freconstruct: Reconstruction Stage of Functional Singular Spectrum Analysis

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This is a function for reconstructing univariate or multivariate functional time series (fts) objects from functional singular spectrum analysis (fssa) objects (including Grouping and Hankelization steps). The function performs the reconstruction step for univariate functional singular spectrum analysis (ufssa) or multivariate functional singular spectrum analysis (mfssa) depending on whether or not the input is an fssa object from ufssa or mfssa.


freconstruct(U, groups = as.list(1L:10L))



An object of class fssa.


A list of numeric vectors, each vector includes indices of elementary components. of a group used for reconstruction.


A named list of objects of class fts that are reconstructed as according to the specified groups and a numeric vector of eigenvalues.


Refer to fssa for an example on how to run this function starting from fssa objects.

See Also

fssa, fts,

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