Callcenter: Number of Calls for a Bank.

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Number of Calls for a Bank.


This dataset is a small call center for an anonymous bank (Brown et al., 2005). This dataset provides the exact time of the calls that were connected to the center from January 1 to December 31 in the year 1999. The data are aggregated into time intervals to obtain a data matrix. More precisely, the (i,j)'th element of the data matrix contains the call volume during the jth time interval on day i. This dataset has been analyzed in several prior studies; e.g. Brown et al. (2005), Shen and Huang (2005), Huang et al. (2008), and Maadooliat et al. (2015). Here, the data are aggregated into time intervals of 6 minutes. The data is hosted on GitHub and load_github_data may be used to load the data.


A dataframe with 87600 rows and 5 variables:


The number of calls in 6 minutes aggregated interval.


A numeric vector to show the aggregated interval.


Date time when the calls counts are recorded



Weekday associated with Date.


Month associated with Date.


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