Man pages for Rsampletrees
MCMC Sampling of Gene Genealogies Conditional on Genetic Data

addTreesRead in trees and add them to the tree output object
addTreeStatsAdd tree statistics to a treeoutput object
changeArgs.treeoutputModify the settings stored in a sampletrees treeoutput object
checkArgsError checking for the arguments to sampletrees
estimateHapEstimate and write haplotype probabilities and initial values...
launch.sampletreesLaunches the c++ sampletrees program using arguments...
merge.treeoutputMerge the results from two runs of sampletrees
newArgsCreate or modify a sampletrees settings object
pkg-internalInternal use functions.
plot.treeoutputPlot selected output of a sampletrees run
print.parsNice display of tags and values of a sampletrees settings...
print.treeoutputNice display of a treeoutput object
readArgsRead arguments for a sampletrees run from a settings file
readOutputRead in sampletrees output
readTreesRead in trees from a run of sampletrees.
restartRunSet up a settings object for continuing a previous...
Rsampletrees-packageMCMC sampling of gene genealogies conditional on genetic data
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