SACOBRA: Self-Adjusting COBRA

Performs constrained optimization for expensive black-box problems.

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AuthorWolfgang Konen <> [aut], Samineh Bagheri [cre, aut], Patrick Koch [aut]
Date of publication2015-08-25 19:20:50
MaintainerSamineh Bagheri <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

cobraInit: Initial phase for COBRA optimizer

cobraPhaseI: Find a feasible solution.

cobraPhaseII: Improve the feasible solution by searching new infill points

defaultRI: Default settings for 'repairInfeasRI2' and 'repairChootinan'.

defaultSAC: Default settings for the SACOBRA part of COBRA.

defaultTR: Default settings for the trust-region part of COBRA.

fnArchiveFactory: construct wrapper 'fnArchiveF' for a function 'fn'

forwardRescale: rescaling

getFbest: Return best objective function value

getXbest: Return best feasible solution in original space

interpRBF: Apply cubic or Gaussian RBF interpolation to new data for...

interpRBF_old: Apply cubic or Gaussian RBF interpolation to new data for...

inverseRescale: inverse rescaling

multiCOBRA: Perform multiple COBRA runs

multiRunPlot: Plot the results from multipe COBRA runs.

plog: Monotonic transform

plogReverse: Inverse of 'plog'

predict.RBFinter: Apply cubic or Gaussian RBF interpolation

repairChootinan: Repair an infeasible solution with the method of Chootinan.

repairInfeasibleW: Wrapper for 'repairInfeasRI2' (needed by RBFsearch.R).

repairInfeasRI2: Repair an infeasible solution with the method RI2

SACOBRA-package: Self-adjusting Constrained Optimization with RBF

setOpts: Merge the options from a partial list and the default list

startCobra: Start COBRA (constraint-based optimization) phase I and/or...

trainCubicRBF: Fit cubic RBF interpolation to training data for d>1.

trainGaussRBF: Fit Gaussian RBF model to training data for d>1.

trustRegion: Perform trust region refinement


cobraInit Man page
cobraPhaseI Man page
cobraPhaseII Man page
defaultRI Man page
defaultSAC Man page
defaultTR Man page
fnArchiveFactory Man page
forwardRescale Man page
getFbest Man page
getXbest Man page
interpRBF Man page
interpRBF_old Man page
inverseRescale Man page
multiCOBRA Man page
multiRunPlot Man page
plog Man page
plogReverse Man page
predict.RBFinter Man page
repairChootinan Man page
repairInfeasibleW Man page
repairInfeasRI2 Man page
SACOBRA Man page
SACOBRA-package Man page
setOpts Man page
startCobra Man page
trainCubicRBF Man page
trainGaussRBF Man page
trustRegion Man page

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