Man pages for SHAPforxgboost
SHAP Plots for 'XGBoost'

binnerBins a variable into n_bins quantile groups.
dataXY_dfTerra satellite data (X,Y) for running the xgboost model .
label.featureModify labels for features under plotting
labels_within_packagelabels_within_package: Some labels package auther defined to...
new_labelsnew_labels: a place holder default to NULL.
plot.labelInternal-function to revise axis label for each feature
scatter.plot.diagonalMake customized scatter plot with diagonal line and R2...
scatter.plot.simpleSimple scatter plot, adding marginal histogram by default.
shap.importanceVariable importance as measured by mean absolute SHAP value.
shap_int_irisThe interaction effect SHAP values example using iris...
shap_long_irisThe long-format SHAP values example using iris dataset.
shap.plot.dependenceSHAP dependence plot and interaction plot, optional to be...
shap.plot.force_plotMake the SHAP force plot
shap.plot.force_plot_bygroupMake the stack plot, optional to zoom in at certain x or...
shap.plot.summarySHAP summary plot core function using the long format SHAP...
shap.plot.summary.wrap1A wrapped function to make summary plot from model object and...
shap.plot.summary.wrap2A wrapped function to make summary plot from given SHAP...
shap.prepPrepare SHAP values into long format for plotting
shap.prep.interactionPrepare the interaction SHAP values from predict.xgb.Booster
shap.prep.stack.dataPrepare data for SHAP force plot (stack plot)
shap_scoreSHAP values example from dataXY_df .
shap.valuesGet SHAP scores from a trained XGBoost or LightGBM model
shap_values_irisSHAP values example using iris dataset.
strongest_interactionFinds variable with presumably strongest interaction effect.
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