labels_within_package: labels_within_package: Some labels package auther defined to...

labels_within_packageR Documentation

labels_within_package: Some labels package auther defined to make his plot, mainly serve the paper publication.


It contains a list that match each feature to its labels. It is used in the function label.feature.




An object of class list of length 20.


labels_within_package <- list( dayint = "Time trend", diffcwv = "delta CWV (cm)", date = "", Column_WV = "MAIAC CWV (cm)", AOT_Uncertainty = "Blue band uncertainty", elev = "Elevation (m)", aod = "Aerosol optical depth", RelAZ = "Relative azimuth angle", DevAll_P1km = expression(paste("Proportion developed area in 1",km^2)), dist_water_km = "Distance to water (km)", forestProp_1km = expression(paste("Proportion of forest in 1",km^2)), Aer_optical_depth = "DSCOVR EPIC MAIAC AOD400nm", aer_aod440 = "AERONET AOD440nm", aer_aod500 = "AERONET AOD500nm", diff440 = "DSCOVR MAIAC - AERONET AOD", diff440_pred = "Predicted Error", aer_aod440_hat = "Predicted AERONET AOD440nm", AOD_470nm = "AERONET AOD470nm", Optical_Depth_047_t = "MAIAC AOD470nm (Terra)", Optical_Depth_047_a = "MAIAC AOD470nm (Aqua)" )



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