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SHrinkage covariance Incorporating Prior knowledge

build.targetCreating a covariance target, optionally by using information...
check.pathCheck if two genes belong to any common KEGG pathway.
explSmall example extracted from a microarray data set.
SHIP-packageSHrinkage covariance Incorporating Prior knowledge
shrink.estimShrinkage estimator of the covariance matrix, given a data...
targetCorComputation of the target Cor.
targetDComputation of the diagonal target D ('diagonal, unequal...
targetFComputation of target F ('constant correlation model').
targetGComputation of target G ('knowledge-based constant...
targetGposComputation of the target Gpos.
targetGstarComputation of the target Gstar.
target.helpTransform a list of Pathway IDs into a binary matrix.
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