Man pages for SLICER
Selective Locally Linear Inference of Cellular Expression Relationships

assign_branchesDetect branches in the trajectory and assign cells to...
cell_orderSort cells according to their progress through a process
compute_geodesic_entropyCompute the geodesic entropy profile of a trajectory
conn_knn_graphConstruct a k-nearest neighbor graph that is fully connected
detect_cell_typesIdentify clusters corresponding to putative cell types
find_extreme_cellsIdentify candidate start cells for the trajectory
graph_genePlot trajectory colored by expression level of a gene
graph_process_distancePlot trajectory colored by process distance
process_distanceDetermine the position of each cell within the trajectory
select_genesSelect genes to use in building a cell trajectory
select_kSelect the number of nearest neighbors for LLE to use
trajThis is a dataset containing a synthetic branching...
width_kHelper function for k selection
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