SMIR: Companion to Statistical Modelling in R

This package accompanies Aitkin et al, Statistical Modelling in R, OUP, 2009. The package contains some functions and datasets used in the text.

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AuthorMurray Aitkin, Brian Francis, John Hinde, Ross Darnell <>
Date of publication2012-10-29 08:57:40
MaintainerRoss Darnell <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

betablok: Beta-blockers for myocardial infarction

bronchitis: Chronic bronchitis in a sample of mean in Cardiff

byssinosis: Byssinosis in the cotton industry

cars: Performance data for cars from Motor Trend magazine

chd: Coronary heart disease

claims: Insurance claims data

coxph.disparity: Check disparity in a Cox Proportional Hazard Model

disparity: Model Disparities

disparity.glm: Disparities for Genralized Linear Model Fits

disparity.lm: Disparities for Linear Model Fits

faults: Faults in rolls of material

feigl: Leukaemia survival times - Feigl & Zelen

gehan: Remission times of acute leukemia patients - Gehan et al

ghq: Psychiatric diagnosis based on GHQ

hostility: Bennett's hostility data

insult: Effects of unprovoked verbal attack

lsat: LSAT

miners: Pneumoconiosis in coal miners

NPL.bands: Nonparametric likelihood confidence bands

poison: Box Cox Poison Dataset

prentice: Veteran's Administration Lung Cancer Trial

R2: Coefficient of determination of linear models

R2CV: Cross-validated coefficient of determination

Rsq: Coefficient of determination, R-squared

solv: Children's block design test

stackloss: The Brownlee stackloss data

stan: Stanford Heart Transplantation Programme

statlab: STATLAB census data

summary.treg: Summarizing Robust Regression Models

toxaemia: Bradford toxaemia data

toxoplas: Toxoplasmosis in El Salvador

trees: The Minitab cherry tree data

treg: t-regression model fit

trypanos: The trypanosome data

vaso: Gilliatt's vaso-constriction data

vietnam: University of North Carolina Vietnam War Student Survey

woolson: Woolson and Clarke's Obesity Study


betablok Man page
bronchit Man page
byssinosis Man page
cars Man page
chd Man page
claims Man page
coxph.disparity Man page
disparity Man page
disparity.glm Man page
disparity.lm Man page
faults Man page
feigl Man page
gehan Man page
ghq Man page
hostility Man page
insult Man page
lsat Man page
miners Man page
NPL.bands Man page
poison Man page
prentice Man page
R2 Man page
R2CV Man page
Rsq Man page
solv Man page
stackloss Man page
stan Man page
statlab Man page
summary.treg Man page
toxaemia Man page
toxoplas Man page
trees Man page
treg Man page
trypanos Man page
vaso Man page
vietnam Man page
woolson Man page

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