Man pages for SMIR
Companion to Statistical Modelling in R

betablokBeta-blockers for myocardial infarction
bronchitisChronic bronchitis in a sample of mean in Cardiff
byssinosisByssinosis in the cotton industry
carsPerformance data for cars from Motor Trend magazine
chdCoronary heart disease
claimsInsurance claims data
coxph.disparityCheck disparity in a Cox Proportional Hazard Model
disparityModel Disparities
disparity.glmDisparities for Genralized Linear Model Fits
disparity.lmDisparities for Linear Model Fits
faultsFaults in rolls of material
feiglLeukaemia survival times - Feigl & Zelen
gehanRemission times of acute leukemia patients - Gehan et al
ghqPsychiatric diagnosis based on GHQ
hostilityBennett's hostility data
insultEffects of unprovoked verbal attack
minersPneumoconiosis in coal miners
NPL.bandsNonparametric likelihood confidence bands
poisonBox Cox Poison Dataset
prenticeVeteran's Administration Lung Cancer Trial
R2Coefficient of determination of linear models
R2CVCross-validated coefficient of determination
RsqCoefficient of determination, R-squared
solvChildren's block design test
stacklossThe Brownlee stackloss data
stanStanford Heart Transplantation Programme
statlabSTATLAB census data
summary.tregSummarizing Robust Regression Models
toxaemiaBradford toxaemia data
toxoplasToxoplasmosis in El Salvador
treesThe Minitab cherry tree data
tregt-regression model fit
trypanosThe trypanosome data
vasoGilliatt's vaso-constriction data
vietnamUniversity of North Carolina Vietnam War Student Survey
woolsonWoolson and Clarke's Obesity Study
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