Man pages for SMPracticals
Practicals for Use with Davison (2003) Statistical Models

add.exp.linesAdd Exponential Lines in Practical 11.3
alofiDaily Rainfall at Alofi
amlRemission Times for Acute Myelogenous Leukaemia
arithmeticTeaching Arithmetic Data
bardShakespeare's Word Type Frequencies
barleySpring Barley Data
beaverBody Temperatures for a Female Beaver
beaver.gibbsGibbs Sampler for Normal Changepoint Model, Practical 11.7
beetleJapanese beetle data
bikeBicycling Times
birthsBirth Times
blalockBlalock-Taussig Shunt Data
blissBliss data on deaths of flour beetles
bloodBlood Group Data
breastBreast Cancer Data
burtIQs of identical twins
cakeBreaking of Chocolate Cakes
calciumCalcium Uptake Data
cardiacMortality Rates for Cardiac Surgery on Babies at 12 Hospitals
cat.heartCat Heart Data
cementHald Cement Data
chicksChick Bone Data
chimpsChimpanzee Learning Data
clothNumbers of Flaws in Lengths of Cloth
coalData on UK coal mining disasters
coin.spinFunction for Coin Spinning, Practical 11.1
danishDanish Fire Insurance Claims
darwinDarwin's Maize Data
exp.gibbsGibbs Sampling for Two Truncated Exponential Variables,...
eyesVisual Impairment Data
field.concreteField Concrete Mixture Data
firCounts of Balsam-fir Seedlings
forbesAtmospheric Pressure and Boiling Point in the Alps
fretsHead Dimensions in Brothers
ftseFTSE Daily Returns
galaxyGalaxy Velocity Data
get.alphaEstimate Alpha from Data
glm.diagGeneralized Linear Model Diagnostics
husHaemolytic Uraemic Syndrome
hus.gibbsGibbs Sampler for Poisson Changepoint Model, Practical 11.6
ihessInverse Hessian
intronIntron Gene Sequence
jacamarJacamar Learning Ability Data
jelinskiJelinski and Moranda Data on Software Failures
leukSurvival Times and White Blood Counts for Leukaemia Patients
lik.ciLikelihood Confidence Intervals for Scalar Parameter
limitsSwedish Speed Limit Data
lizardsLizard Count Data
lung.cancerLung Cancer Deaths among UK Physicians
magnesiumMagnesium Treatment for Heart Attack Patients
manausAverage Heights of the Rio Negro river at Manaus
markingExamination Marking Data
mathmarksMath Marks Data
MClikLikelihood Estimation for Markov Chains
miceMice Deaths from Radiation
milletMillet Data
motoretteMotorette Failure Data
nematodeNematode Data
nodalNodal Involvement in Prostate Cancer
nuclearNuclear Power Station Construction Data
old.ageEstimates of Hazard Function for Old Age
pairs.modModified Scatterplot Matrix
paulsenNeurotransmission in Guinea Pig Brains
pbcMayo Clinic Primary Biliary Cirrhosis Data
pigeonHoming Pigeon Data
pigsPig Diet Data
pipetteRed Blood Cell Data
plot.glm.diagDiagnostic plots for generalized linear models
pneuPneumoconiosis amongst Coalminers
poi.beta.laplaceLaplace Approximation for Posterior Density, Practical 11.2
poi.gibbsGibbs Sampler for Hierarchical Poisson Model, Practical 11.5
poisonsSurvival Times for Poisoned Animals
pollutionAir Pollution and Mortality
pumpsPump Failure Data
qqexpExponential Quantile-Quantile Plots
quakeJapanese Earthquake Data
rat.growthRat Growth Data
salinityWater Salinity and River Discharge
seedsGermination of seeds
shoeShoe Wear Data
shuttleO-ring Thermal Distress Data for Space Shuttle
smokingSurvival and Smoking
soccerSoccer Scores from English Premier League, 2000-2001 Season
springsSpring Failure Data
stickyStickiness of blood data
survivalSurvival of Rats After Radiation Doses
teakTeak Plant Data
tideAnnual Maximum Sea Levels
toxoToxoplasmosis Data
ulcerRecurrent Bleeding from Ulcers
urineUrine Analysis Data
veniceExtreme Sea Levels at Venice
yahooYahoo Closing Prices
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