Man pages for SPUTNIK
SPatially aUTomatic deNoising for Ims toolKit

applyPeaksFilter-msi.dataset-methodApply the results of a peaks filter.
binKmeans2-msi.dataset-methodReturn a binary mask generated applying k-means clustering on...
binKmeans-msi.dataset-methodReturn a binary mask generated applying k-means clustering on...
binOtsu-ms.image-methodBinarize MS image using Otsu's thresholding.
binSupervised-msi.dataset-methodReturn a binary mask generated applying a supervised...
bladderMALDIRompp2010Load the example MALDI-MSI data.
closeImage-ms.image-methodApply morphological closing to binary image.
countPixelsFilterFilter based on the minimum number of connected pixels in the...
createPeaksFilterGenerate a peak filter object.
CSRPeaksFilterPerforms the peak selection based on complete spatial...
getIntensityMat-msi.dataset-methodReturn the peaks intensity matrix.
getMZ-msi.dataset-methodReturn the m/z vector.
getShapeMSI-msi.dataset-methodReturns the geometrical shape of MSI dataset
gini.indexGini index.
globalPeaksFilterReference similarity based peak selection.
invertImage-ms.image-methodInvert the colors of an MS image.
msiDatasetConstructor for msi.dataset-class objects.
msi.dataset-classmsi.dataset-class S4 class definition containing the...
msImageConstructor for ms.image-class objects.
ms.image-classms.image-class definition.
NMINormalized mutual information (NMI).
normIntensity-msi.dataset-methodNormalize the peaks intensities.
ovarianDESIDoria2016Load the example DESI-MSI data.
plotVisualize an MS image. 'plot' extends the generic function to...
refAndROIimagesCompute the reference image and the ROI mask.
removeSmallObjects-ms.image-methodRemove binary ROI objects smaller than user-defined number of...
scatter.ratioPixel scatteredness ratio.
smoothImage-ms.image-methodApply Gaussian smoothing to an MS image.
spatial.chaosSpatial chaos measure.
splitPeaksFilterTest for the presence of split peaks.
SSIMStructural similarity index (SSIM).
varTransform-msi.dataset-methodVariance stabilizing transformation.
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