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coBCReg is based on an ensemble of N diverse regressors. At each iteration and for each regressor, the companion committee labels the unlabeled examples then the regressor select the most informative newly-labeled examples for itself, where the selection confidence is based on estimating the validation error. The final prediction is the average of the estimates of the N regressors.


coBCReg(learner, N = 3, perc.full = 0.7, u = 100, max.iter = 50)



model from parsnip package for training a supervised base classifier using a set of instances. This model need to have probability predictions


The number of classifiers used as committee members. All these classifiers are trained using the gen.learner function. Default is 3.


A number between 0 and 1. If the percentage of new labeled examples reaches this value the self-labeling process is stopped. Default is 0.7.


Number of unlabeled instances in the pool. Default is 100.


Maximum number of iterations to execute in the self-labeling process. Default is 50.


For regression tasks, labeling data is very expensive computationally. Its so slow.


Mohamed Farouk Abdel-Hady, Mohamed Farouk Abdel-Hady and Günther Palm.
Semi-supervised Learning for Regression with Cotraining by Committee
Institute of Neural Information Processing University of Ulm D-89069 Ulm, Germany

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