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Statistical Analysis of Non-Detects

About-STANDStatistical Analysis of Non-detect Data
aihandIndustrial Hygiene Air Monitoring Data
beTWATWA Beryllium Exposure Data
cansdataContainer Data Used To Evaluate Beryllium Surface...
efclnpNonparametric Confidence Limits for the Exceedance Fraction
efraction.exactExceedance Fraction and Exact Confidence Limits
efraction.mlCalculate ML Estimate of Exceedance Fraction and Confidence...
filmbadgeQuarterly Film Badge Data
icfitCalculates the Self-Consistent Estimate of Survival from...
icplotPlots Survival Functions
ictestPerforms Tests for Interval Censored Data
IH.summarySummary Statistic for Samples With Non-detects
kmmsKaplan-Meier (KM) Mean and Standard Error
lnorm.mlML Estimation for Lognormal Data with Non-detects
npower.lnormSample Size and Power For Lognormal Distribution
nptlNonparametric Upper Tolerance Limit
percentile.exactEstimate of Xp and Exact Confidence Limits for...
percentile.mlCalculate ML Estimate of Xp and Confidence Limits
percentile.pleCalculate Nonparametric Estimate of Xp and Confidence Limits
pleicfProduct Limit Estimate for Interval Censored Data
plekmProduct Limit Estimate for Non-detects Using Kaplan-Meier
plendCompute Product Limit Estimate for Non-detects
ple.plotPlot PLE With Confidence Limits
qq.lnormQuantile-Quantile Plot for Censored Lognormal Data
readssRead Analyze Data From ASCII File
SESdataSamples from Elevated Surfaces of a Smelter
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