Man pages for SolveLS
Iterative Methods for Solving Linear System of Equations

aux_FISCHGenerate a 2-dimensional discrete Poisson matrix
basic_GSGauss-Seidel method
basic_JACOBIJacobi method
basic_SORSuccessive Over-Relaxation method
basic_SSORSymmetric Successive Over-Relaxation method
krylov_BICGBiconjugate Gradient method
krylov_BICGSTABBiconjugate Gradient Stabilized Method
krylov_CGConjugate Gradient method
krylov_CGSConjugate Gradient Squared method
krylov_CHEBYChebyshev Method
krylov_GMRESGeneralized Minimal Residual method
krylov_QMRQuasi Minimal Residual Method
SolveLS-helpA Collection of Iterative Solvers for (Sparse) Linear System...
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