Man pages for SpadeR
Species-Richness Prediction and Diversity Estimation with R

ChaoSharedEstimation of the number of shared species between two...
ChaoSpeciesEstimation of species richness in a community
DivDemoDataData for Function Diversity
DiversityEstimation of species diversity (Hill numbers)
GeneticsEstimation of genetic differentiation measures
GeneticsDataAbuHuman allele frequency data for Function Genetics
MulComSimDemoDataData for Function SimilarityMult
SharedSpecDemoDataData for Function ChaoShared
SimilarityMultEstimation of multiple-community similarity measures
SimilarityPairEstimation of two-assemblage similarity measures
spader-packageSpecies-richness prediction and diversity estimation with R
SpecDemoDataData for Function ChaoSpecies
TwoComSimDemoDataData for Function SimilarityPair
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