Genetics: Estimation of genetic differentiation measures

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Genetics: Estimation allelic differentiation among subpopulations based on multiple-subpopulation genetics data. The richness-based indices include the classic Jaccard and Sorensen dissimilarity indices; the abundance-based indices include the conventional Gst measure, Horn, Morisita-Horn and regional species-differentiation indices.

Only Type (1) abundance data (datatype="abundance") is supported; input data for each sub-population include sample frequencies in an empirical sample of individuals. When there are multiple subpopulations, input data consist of an allele-by-subpopulation frequency matrix.


Genetics(X, q = 2, nboot = 200)



a matrix, or a data.frame of allele frequencies.


a specified order to use to compute pairwise dissimilarity measures. If q = 0, this function computes the estimated pairwise Jaccard and Sorensen dissimilarity indices. If q = 1, this function computes the estimated pairwise equal-weighted and size-weighted Horn indices; If q = 2, this function computes the estimated pairwise Morisita-Horn and regional species-diffrentiation indices.


an integer specifying the number of bootstrap replications.


a list of ten objects:

$info for summarizing data information.

$Empirical_richness for showing the observed values of the richness-based dis-similarity indices including the classic Jaccard and Sorensen indices.

$Empirical_relative for showing the observed values of the equal-weighted dis-similarity indices for comparing allele relative abundances including Gst, Horn, Morisita-Horn and regional differentiation measures.

$Empirical_WtRelative for showing the observed value of the dis-similarity index for comparing size-weighted allele relative abundances, i.e., Horn size-weighted measure based on Shannon-entropy under equal-effort sampling.

The corresponding three objects for showing the estimated dis-similarity indies are:
$estimated_richness, $estimated_relative and $estimated_WtRelative.

$pairwise and $dissimilarity.matrix for showing respectively the pairwise dis-similarity estimates (with related statistics) and the dissimilarity matrix for various measures depending on the diversity order q specified in the function argument.

$q for showing which diversity order q to compute pairwise dissimilarity.


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Chao, A., Jost, L., Hsieh, T. C., Ma, K. H., Sherwin, W. B. and Rollins, L. A. (2015). Expected Shannon entropy and Shannon differentiation between subpopulations for neutral genes under the finite island model. Plos One, 10:e0125471.

Jost, L. (2008). G_{ST} and its relatives do not measure differentiation. Molecular Ecology, 17, 4015-4026.


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# Type (1) abundance data 

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