Man pages for SpatioTemporal
Spatio-Temporal Model Estimation

blockMultMultiplication of Block Diagonal Matrix and Vector
boxplot.estCVSTmodelBoxplots for 'estCVSTmodel' object
calc.FXCompute Matrix Product Bewteen Temporal Trends and a LUR...
calc.FXtF2Compute Quadratic Form Bewteen Temporal Trends and Sigma B Multiplication with Block Matrices
calcSmoothTrendsSmooth Basis Functions for a STdata Object
calc.tFXCompute Matrix Product Bewteen Temporal Trends and a Matrix
calc.tFXFCompute Quadratic Form Bewteen Temporal Trends and Sigma nu
coef.estCVSTmodelReturns estimated parameters for each CV-group.
coef.estimateSTmodelReturns estimated parameters (and uncertaintes)
computeLTAComputes the Long Term Average for Each Sites.
convertCharToDateConvert Character to Dates
createCVDefine Cross-Validation Groups
createDataMatrixCreate a Data Matrix
createLURAdd Covariate Fields to 'STdata' Object.
createSTdataConstruct STdata Object
createSTmodelConstruct STmodel Object
crossDistComputed the Euclidian Distance Matrix
c.STmodelCombine Several STmodel/STdata Objects
defaultListAdd Default Elements to Incomplete list
density.mcmcSTmodelKernel Density Estimation for an 'mcmcSTmodel' Object
detrendSTdataRemoves Temporal Trend from Observations in a 'STdata' Object
dotProdComputes Inner Product and Squared 2-norm
dropObservationsDrop Observations from a STmodel of 'estCVSTmodel' and 'predCVSTmodel' structures
estimateBetaFieldsRegression Estimates of beta-Fields
estimateCV.STmodelCross-Validated Estimation and Prediction
estimate.STmodelEstimation of the Spatio-Temporal Model
est.mesa.modelExamples of 'estimateSTmodel' structure
evalCovFunsCompute Covariance Function
expandFExpand F
genGradientCompute Finite Difference Gradient and Hessians.
loglikeSTCompute the Log-likelihood for the Spatio-Temporal Model
loglikeSTdimDimensions of the STmodel Structure
loglikeSTgetParsExtract Parameters from a Vector
loglikeSTGradCompute Gradient and Hessian for the Log-likelihood
loglikeSTnamesCreate Names for Log-likelihood Parameters for STmodel...
makeCholBlockComputations for Block Diagonal Matrices
make.sigma.BDeprecated functions, use replacements!
makeSigmaBCreate Block Covariance Matrix (Equal Block Sizes)
makeSigmaNuCreate Block Covariance Matrix (Unequal Block Sizes)
MCMC.mesa.modelExample of a 'mcmcSTmodel' structure
MCMC.STmodelMCMC Inference of Parameters in the Spatio-Temporal Model used in the examples
mesa.modelExample of a 'STmodel' structure
namesCovFunsAvailable covariance functions
parsCovFunsParameter Names for Covariance Function(s)
plot.density.mcmcSTmodelPlots for an 'density.mcmcSTmodel' object
plot.mcmcSTmodelPlots for an 'mcmcSTmodel' object
plot.predictSTmodelPlots for 'predictSTmodel' and 'predCVSTmodel' Objects
plot.STdataDifferent Plots for 'STdata'/'STmodel' object
plot.SVDcvPlot and Boxplot cross-validation statistics for 'SVDcv'...
predictNaiveNaive Temporal Predictions
predict.STmodelComputes Conditional Expectation at Unobserved Locations
pred.mesa.modelExample of a 'predictSTmodel' structure
print.estCVSTmodelPrint details for 'estCVSTmodel' object
print.estimateSTmodelPrint details for 'estimateSTmodel' object
print.mcmcSTmodelPrint details for 'mcmcSTmodel' object
print.predCVSTmodelPrint details for 'predCVSTmodel' object
print.predictSTmodelPrint details for 'predictSTmodel' object
print.STdataPrint details for 'STdata' object
print.STmodelPrint details for 'STmodel' object
print.summary.estCVSTmodelPrint details for 'summary.estCVSTmodel' object
print.summary.mcmcSTmodelPrint details for 'summary.mcmcSTmodel' object
print.summary.predCVSTmodelPrint details for 'summary.predCVSTmodel' object
print.summary.STdataPrint details for 'summary.STdata' object
print.summary.STmodelPrint details for 'summary.STmodel' object
print.SVDcvPrint details for 'SVDcv' object
processLocationInternal Function that Extracts Locations
processLURInternal Function that do Covariate Selection
qqnorm.STdataQQ-norm for 'STdata'/'STmodel'/'predCVSTmodel' objects
removeSTcovarMeanMean-Centre the Spatio-Temporal Covariate
scatterPlotScatter plot
scatterPlot.STdatascatterPlot for 'STdata'/'STmodel'/'predCVSTmodel' objects
simulate.STmodelSimulate Data from the Spatio-Temporal Model
SpatioTemporal-packageSpatio-Temporal Modelling
stCheckClassTest if an object belongs to given class(es).
stCheckCovarsCheck a data.frame of Covariates
stCheckFieldsTest if fields exist in an object.
stCheckObsCheck an 'obs' data.frame.
stCheckSTcovarsCheck an Array/List of Spatio-Temporal Covariates
sumLogDiagSum the Logarithm of (Diagonal) Elements
summary.estCVSTmodelComputes summary details for 'estCVSTmodel' object
summary.mcmcSTmodelComputes summary details for 'mcmcSTmodel' object
summary.predCVSTmodelComputes summary details for 'predCVSTmodel' object
summary.STdataComputes summary details for 'STdata' object
summary.STmodelComputes summary details for 'STmodel' object
SVDmissMissing Data SVD
SVDsmoothSmooth Basis Functions for Data Matrix with Missing Values
updateCovfUpdate Covariance Functions in 'STmodel' Objects
updateTrend.STdataUpdate Trend in 'STdata' or 'STmodel' Object
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