SuperLearner: Super Learner Prediction

Implements the super learner prediction method and contains a library of prediction algorithms to be used in the super learner.

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AuthorEric Polley [aut, cre], Erin LeDell [aut], Chris Kennedy [aut], Sam Lendle [ctb], Mark van der Laan [aut, ths]
Date of publication2016-12-01 21:12:50
MaintainerEric Polley <>

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coef.CV.SuperLearner Man page
coef.SuperLearner Man page
create.Learner Man page
create.SL.xgboost Man page
CVFolds Man page
CV.SuperLearner Man page
listWrappers Man page
mcSuperLearner Man page
method.AUC Man page
method.CC_LS Man page
method.CC_nloglik Man page
method.NNloglik Man page
method.NNLS Man page
method.NNLS2 Man page
method.template Man page
plot.CV.SuperLearner Man page
predict.SL.bart Man page
predict.SL.bartMachine Man page
predict.SL.bayesglm Man page
predict.SL.caret Man page
predict.SL.cforest Man page
predict.SL.DSA Man page Man page
predict.SL.gam Man page
predict.SL.gbm Man page
predict.SL.glm Man page
predict.SL.glmnet Man page
predict.SL.ipredbagg Man page
predict.SL.knn Man page
predict.SL.leekasso Man page
predict.SL.loess Man page
predict.SL.logreg Man page
predict.SL.mean Man page
predict.SL.nnet Man page
predict.SL.nnls Man page
predict.SL.polymars Man page
predict.SL.randomForest Man page
predict.SL.ridge Man page
predict.SL.rpart Man page
predict.SL.step Man page
predict.SL.stepAIC Man page
predict.SL.svm Man page
predict.SL.template Man page
predict.SL.xgboost Man page
predict.SuperLearner Man page
print.CV.SuperLearner Man page
print.summary.CV.SuperLearner Man page
print.SuperLearner Man page
recombineCVSL Man page
recombineSL Man page
SampleSplitSuperLearner Man page
screen.corP Man page
screen.corRank Man page
screen.glmnet Man page
screen.randomForest Man page
screen.SIS Man page
screen.template Man page
screen.ttest Man page
SL.bart Man page
SL.bartMachine Man page
SL.bayesglm Man page
SL.caret Man page
SL.caret.rpart Man page
SL.cforest Man page
SL.DSA Man page Man page
SL.gam Man page
SL.gbm Man page
SL.glm Man page
SL.glm.interaction Man page
SL.glmnet Man page
SL.ipredbagg Man page
SL.knn Man page
SL.leekasso Man page
SL.loess Man page
SL.logreg Man page
SL.mean Man page
SL.nnet Man page
SL.nnls Man page
SL.polymars Man page
SL.randomForest Man page
SL.ridge Man page
SL.rpart Man page
SL.rpartPrune Man page
SL.step Man page
SL.stepAIC Man page
SL.step.forward Man page
SL.step.interaction Man page
SL.svm Man page
SL.template Man page
SL.xgboost Man page
snowSuperLearner Man page
summary.CV.SuperLearner Man page
SuperLearner Man page
SuperLearner.control Man page
SuperLearner.CV.control Man page
SuperLearnerDocs Man page
SuperLearnerNews Man page
trimLogit Man page
write.method.template Man page
write.screen.template Man page
write.SL.template Man page


tests/testthat/testSummaryCVSuperLearner.R tests/testthat/testBartMachine.R tests/testthat/testRandomForest.R tests/testthat/testCreateLearner.R tests/testthat/testMethods.R tests/testthat/test_cforest.R tests/testthat/test_SuperLearner.R tests/testthat/testXGBoost.R
R/CVFolds.R R/SL.gam.R R/screen.glmnet.R R/CV.SuperLearner.R R/SL.xgboost.R R/screen.corRank.R R/SampleSplitSuperLearner.R R/screen.corP.R R/SL.leekasso.R R/SL.svm.R R/snowSuperLearner.R R/listWrapper.R R/summary.CV.SuperLearner.R R/SL.loess.R R/internals.R R/control.R R/SL.nnet.R R/SL.rpartPrune.R R/SL.randomForest.R R/SL.caret.R R/SL.logreg.R R/SL.mean.R R/SL.glm.R R/method.R R/SL.ipredbagg.R R/SL.nnls.R R/SuperLearner.R R/SL.gbm.R R/predict.SuperLearner.R R/ R/print.SuperLearner.R R/SL.polymars.R R/SL.step.R R/screen.template.R R/SL.template.R R/plot.CV.SuperLearner.R R/trimLogit.R R/screen.SIS.R R/SL.rpart.R R/SL.glmnet.R R/mcSuperLearner.R R/SL.knn.R R/SL.ridge.R R/screen.ttest.R R/create.Learner.R R/recombine.R R/screen.randomForest.R R/SL.bayesglm.R R/SuperLearnerNews.R R/zzz.R R/SL.cforest.R R/SL.bartMachine.R
man/write.method.template.Rd man/predict.SL.xgboost.Rd man/write.screen.template.Rd man/SL.bartMachine.Rd man/SuperLearner.CV.control.Rd man/write.SL.template.Rd man/SampleSplitSuperLearner.Rd man/listWrappers.Rd man/predict.superlearner.Rd man/create.Learner.Rd man/SuperLearner.Rd man/plot.CV.SuperLearner.Rd man/create.SL.xgboost.Rd man/SuperLearnerNews.Rd man/CV.SuperLearner.Rd man/summary.CV.SuperLearner.Rd man/recombineCVSL.Rd man/SL.cforest.Rd man/CVFolds.Rd man/predict.SL.bartMachine.Rd man/recombineSL.Rd man/SuperLearner.control.Rd man/trimLogit.Rd man/SL.xgboost.Rd

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