Man pages for SuperLearner
Super Learner Prediction

create.LearnerFactory for learner wrappers
create.SL.xgboostFactory for XGBoost SL wrappers
CVFoldsGenerate list of row numbers for each fold in the...
CV.SuperLearnerFunction to get V-fold cross-validated risk estimate for...
listWrapperslist all wrapper functions in SuperLearner
plot.CV.SuperLearnerGraphical display of the V-fold CV risk estimates
predict.SL.bartMachinebartMachine prediction
predict.SL.biglassoPrediction wrapper for SL.biglasso
predict.SL.extraTreesextraTrees prediction on new data
predict.SL.glmPrediction for SL.glm
predict.SL.glmnetPrediction for an SL.glmnet object
predict.SL.kernelKnnPrediction for SL.kernelKnn
predict.SL.ksvmPrediction for SL.ksvm
predict.SL.ldaPrediction wrapper for SL.lda
predict.SL.lmPrediction for SL.lm
predict.SL.qdaPrediction wrapper for SL.qda
predict.SL.rangerPrediction wrapper for ranger random forests
predict.SL.speedglmPrediction for SL.speedglm
predict.SL.speedlmPrediction for SL.speedlm
predict.SL.xgboostXGBoost prediction on new data
predict.superlearnerPredict method for SuperLearner object
recombineCVSLRecombine a CV.SuperLearner fit using a new metalearning...
recombineSLRecombine a SuperLearner fit using a new metalearning method
SampleSplitSuperLearnerSuper Learner Prediction Function
SL.bartMachineWrapper for bartMachine learner
SL.biglassoSL wrapper for biglasso
SL.cforestcforest party
SL.extraTreesextraTrees SuperLearner wrapper
SL.glmWrapper for glm
SL.glmnetElastic net regression, including lasso and ridge
SL.kernelKnnSL wrapper for KernelKNN
SL.ksvmWrapper for Kernlab's SVM algorithm
SL.ldaSL wrapper for MASS:lda
SL.lmWrapper for lm
SL.qdaSL wrapper for MASS:qda
SL.rangerSL wrapper for ranger
SL.speedglmWrapper for speedglm
SL.speedlmWrapper for speedlm
SL.xgboostXGBoost SuperLearner wrapper
summary.CV.SuperLearnerSummary Function for Cross-Validated Super Learner
SuperLearnerSuper Learner Prediction Function
SuperLearner.controlControl parameters for the SuperLearner
SuperLearner.CV.controlControl parameters for the cross validation steps in...
SuperLearnerNewsShow the NEWS file for the SuperLearner package
trimLogittruncated-probabilities logit transformation
write.method.templateMethod to estimate the coefficients for the super learner
write.screen.templatescreening algorithms for SuperLearner
write.SL.templateWrapper functions for prediction algorithms in SuperLearner
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