predict.SL.qda: Prediction wrapper for SL.qda

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Prediction wrapper for SL.qda


Prediction wrapper for SL.qda


## S3 method for class 'SL.qda'
predict(object, newdata, prior = object$object$prior,
  dimen = NULL, method = "plug-in", ...)



SL.lda object


Dataframe to generate predictions


The prior probabilities of the classes, by default the proportions in the training set or what was set in the call to lda.


the dimension of the space to be used. If this is less than min(p, ng-1), only the first dimen discriminant components are used (except for method="predictive"), and only those dimensions are returned in x.


This determines how the parameter estimation is handled. With "plug-in" (the default) the usual unbiased parameter estimates are used and assumed to be correct. With "debiased" an unbiased estimator of the log posterior probabilities is used, and with "predictive" the parameter estimates are integrated out using a vague prior.


Unused additional arguments

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