Man pages for TDCor
Gene Network Inference from Time-Series Transcriptomic Data

CalculateDPIGenerate the DPI database to be used by the TDCOR main...
CalculateTPIGenerate the TPI database to be used by the TDCOR main...
clean.atElimininate from a vector of gene codes the genes for which...
draw.profilePlot the expression profile of a 'gene' in 'dataset'
estimate.delayEstimate the time shift between two gene profiles and make a...
LR_datasetLateral root transcriptomic dataset
shortest.pathCalculate the shortest path linking every pairs of nodes in...
TDCORThe TDCOR main function
TDCor-packageTDCor algorithm for gene regulatory network inference
TFTable of 1834 Arabidopsis Transcription factors
timesThe 'times' vector to use with the lateral root dataset
UpdateDPIUpdate or check the DPI database
UpdateTPIUpdate or check the TPI database
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