GetPZ: Retrieve Included Continuous Instrument Response

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Continuous responses for common seismometers are included in this package. GetPZ retrieves them.





Vector of indices of seismometers used (see Details)


Seismometers are numbered as follows:

Broadband Seismometers: 1. Streckeisen STS-1 (360 s) 2. Trillium 240 (generation 1) 3. Trillium 240 (generation 2) 4. Guralp CMG-3T 5. Streckeisen STS-2 (generation 1) 6. Streckeisen STS-2 (generation 2) 7. Streckeisen STS-2 (generation 3) 8. Trillium 120 9. Compact Trillium

Intermediate Seismometers: 10. Trillium 40 11. Guralp CMG-3ESP 12. Guralp CMG-40T (30 s) 13. Streckeisen STS-1 (20 s)

Short-period Seismometers: 14: Guralp CMG-40T (1 s)


List of instrument responses corresponding to instruments given in w.


The STS-2 and Trillium 240 come in multiple generations, each with a slightly different response. For the Trillium 240, serial numbers less than 400 belong to generation 1, while serial numbers greater than or equal to 400 are in generation 2. To determine which generation an STS-2 is, see .

Certain short-period instruments were intentionally omitted because their responses depend on installation-specific parameters and are therefore not completely standardized. Given that discrete responses of short-period instruments can be calculated quickly, I consider the convenience of having pre-calculated responses for these instruments to not be worth the risk of the user selecting the wrong response and getting inaccurate results.


Jake Anderson


Sources for all instrument responses are given in the comments of GetPZ; the reference list is too long to include here.

See Also

ReadInstr MakeRespSP GetDPZ MakeDPZ


# responses for 3T sampling at 1 Hz and 40T (30 s) 
PZLIST = GetPZ(c(4, 12))

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