TE: TE: Insertion/Deletion Dynamics for Transposable Elements

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TE package for analyzing insertion/deletion dynamics for transposable elements


Provides functions to estimate the insertion and deletion rates of transposable element (TE) families. The estimation of insertion rate consists of an improved estimate of the age distribution that takes into account random mutations, and an adjustment by the deletion rate. This package includes functions EstDynamics and EstDynamics2 for analyzing the TE divergence, and visualization functions such as PlotFamilies and SensitivityPlot. This package implements the methods proposed in Dai et al (2018+).


Xiongtao Dai xdai@iastate.edu, Hao Wang Jan Dvorak Jeffrey Bennetzen Hans-Georg Mueller

Maintainer: Xiongtao Dai xdai@iastate.edu


Luo, Ming-Cheng, et al. (2017) "Genome sequence of the progenitor of the wheat D genome Aegilops tauschii." Nature 551.7681.

Dai, X., Wang, H., Dvorak, J., Bennetzen, J., Mueller, H.-G. (2018). "Birth and Death of LTR Retrotransposons in Aegilops tauschii". Genetics

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