Man pages for TMB
Template Model Builder: A General Random Effect Tool Inspired by 'ADMB'

as.list.sdreportConvert estimates to original list format.
benchmarkBenchmark parallel templates
checkConsistencyCheck consistency and Laplace accuracy
compileCompile a C++ template to DLL suitable for MakeADFun.
configGet or set internal configuration variables
confint.tmbprofileProfile based confidence intervals.
dynlibAdd dynlib extension
FreeADFunFree memory allocated on the C++ side by 'MakeADFun'.
gdbsourceSource R-script through gdb to get backtrace.
GKGauss Kronrod configuration
MakeADFunConstruct objective functions with derivatives based on a...
newtonGeneralized newton optimizer.
newtonOptionSet newton options for a model object.
normalizeNormalize process likelihood using the Laplace approximation.
oneStepPredictCalculate one-step-ahead (OSA) residuals for a latent...
openmpControl number of OpenMP threads used by a TMB model.
plot.tmbprofilePlot likelihood profile.
precompilePrecompile the TMB library in order to speed up compilation...
print.checkConsistencyPrint output from 'checkConsistency'
print.sdreportPrint brief model summary
RinterfaceCreate minimal R-code corresponding to a cpp template.
runExampleRun one of the test examples.
runSymbolicAnalysisRun symbolic analysis on sparse Hessian
sdreportGeneral sdreport function.
SRSequential reduction configuration
summary.checkConsistencySummarize output from 'checkConsistency'
summary.sdreportsummary tables of model parameters
templateCreate cpp template to get started.
tmbprofileAdaptive likelihood profiling.
tmbrootCompute likelihood profile confidence intervals of a TMB...
TMB.VersionVersion information on API and ABI.
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