gdbsource: Source R-script through gdb to get backtrace.

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Source R-script through gdb to get backtrace.


Source R-script through gdb to get backtrace.

If gdbsource is run non-interactively (the default) only the relevant information will be printed.


gdbsource(file, interactive = FALSE)

## S3 method for class 'backtrace'
print(x, ...)



Your R script


Run interactive gdb session?


Backtrace from gdbsource


Not used


This function is useful for debugging templates. If a script aborts e.g. due to an out-of-bound index operation it should be fast to locate the line that caused the problem by running gdbsource(file). Alternatively, If more detailed debugging is required, then gdbsource(file,TRUE) will provide the full backtrace followed by an interactive gdb session where the individual frames can be inspected. Note that templates should be compiled without optimization and with debug information in order to provide correct line numbers:

  • On Linux/OS X use compile(cppfile,"-O0 -g").

  • On Windows use compile(cppfile,"-O1 -g",DLLFLAGS="") (lower optimization level will cause errors).


Object of class backtrace

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