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Precompile the TMB library in order to speed up compilation of templates.


Precompile the TMB library


precompile(all = TRUE, clean = FALSE, trace = TRUE, get.header = FALSE, ...)



Precompile all or just the core parts of TMB ?


Remove precompiled libraries ?


Trace precompilation process ?


Create files 'TMB.h' and 'TMB.cpp' in current working directory to be used as part of a project?


Not used.


Precompilation can be used to speed up compilation of templates. It is only necessary to run precompile() once, typically right after installation of TMB. The function prepares TMB for precompilation, while the actual pre-compilation takes place the first time you compile a model after running precompile().

Note that the precompilation requires write access to the TMB package folder. Three versions of the library will be prepared: Normal, parallel and a debugable version.

Precompilation works the same way on all platforms. The only known side-effect of precompilation is that it increases the file size of the generated binaries.


## Not run: 
## Prepare precompilation
## Perform precompilation by running a model
runExample(all = TRUE)

## End(Not run)

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