Man pages for TSclust
Time Series Clustering Utilities

cluster.evaluationClustering Evaluation Index Based on Known Ground Truth
dissTSclust Dissimilarity Computation
diss.ACFAutocorrelation-based Dissimilarity
diss.AR.LPC.CEPSDissimilarity Based on LPC Cepstral Coefficients
diss.AR.MAHModel-based Dissimilarity Proposed by Maharaj (1996, 2000)
diss.AR.PICModel-based Dissimilarity Measure Proposed by Piccolo (1990)
diss.CDMCompression-based Dissimilarity measure
diss.CIDComplexity-Invariant Distance Measure For Time Series
diss.CORCorrelation-based Dissimilarity
diss.CORTDissimilarity Index Combining Temporal Correlation and Raw...
diss.DTWARPDynamic Time Warping Distance
diss.DWTDissimilarity for Time Series Based on Wavelet Feature...
diss.EUCLEuclidean Distance
diss.FRECHETFrechet Distance
diss.INT.PERIntegrated Periodogram Based Dissimilarity
diss.NCDNormalized Compression Distance
diss.PDCPermutation Distribution Distance
diss.PERPeriodogram Based Dissimilarity
diss.PREDDissimilarity Measure Based on Nonparametric Forecast
diss.SPEC.GLKDissimilarity based on the Generalized Likelihood Ratio Test
diss.SPEC.ISDDissimilarity Based on the Integrated Squared Difference...
diss.SPEC.LLRGeneral Spectral Dissimilarity Measure Using Local-Linear...
electricityHourly Electricity Prices in the Spanish Market
interest.ratesLong-Term Interest Rates from 1995 to 2012
loo1nn.cvClustering Evaluation Index Based on Leave-one-out...
paired.tseriesPairs of Time Series from Different Domains
pvalues.clustClustering Algorithm Based on p-values.
SAXSymbolic Aggregate Aproximation related functions
synthetic.tseriesSynthetic Time Series for Clustering Performace Comparisons.
TSclust-packagePackage for Time Series Clustering.
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