ThreeWay: Three-Way Component Analysis

Component analysis for three-way data arrays by means of Candecomp/Parafac, Tucker3, Tucker2 and Tucker1 models.

AuthorMaria Antonietta Del Ferraro, Henk A.L. Kiers, Paolo Giordani
Date of publication2015-09-07 10:22:29
MaintainerPaolo Giordani <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

bootstrapCP: Bootstrap percentile intervals for CANDECOMP/PARAFAC

bootstrapT3: Bootstrap percentile intervals for Tucker3

Bus: Bus data

Cc: Columnwise centering of a matrix

ccmat: Columns concatenation

cent3: Centering of a matricized array

CP: Interactive Candecomp/Parafac analysis

CPdimensionalityplot: Plot fit of Candecomp/Parafac

CPfitpartitioning: Fit of each entity per mode

CPfunc: Algorithm for the Candecomp/Parafac (CP) model

CPfuncrep: Algorithm for the Candecomp/Parafac (CP) model

CPrunsFit: Candecomp/Parafac solutions

DimSelector: Convex Hull procedure

jointplotgen: Jointplots

Kinship: Kinship terms data

LineCon: Middle point location

meaudret: Meaudret data

norm3: Normalization of a matricized array

normvari: Normalized varimax rotation

nrm2: Columnwise normalization of a matrix

ord: Order

orth: Orthonormalization of a matrix

orthmax2: Orthomax Rotation

pcamean: PCA of the mean matrix

pcasup1: PCASup Analysis

pcasup2: PCASup Analysis

pcasup3: PCASup Analysis

percentile95: 95% percentile intervals

permnew: Permutation of a matricized array

perms: Permutation

phi: Phi coefficient

rarray: Array reconstruction

renormsolCP: Scaling of the Candecomp/Parafac solution

renormsolT3: Renormalization of the Tucker3 (and Tucker2) solution

splithalfCP: Split-Half Analysis

splithalfT3: Split-Half Analysis

SUM: Summary

supermat: Matrix unfolding

T1: Interactive Tucker1 analysis

T1runsFit: Tucker1 solutions

T2: Interactive Tucker2 analysis

T2func: Algorithm for the Tucker2 model

T2funcrep: Algorithm for the Tucker2 model

T2runsApproxFit: Approximated Tucker2 solutions

T3: Interactive Tucker3 analysis

T3dimensionalityplot: Plot fit of Tucker3

T3fitpartitioning: Fit of each entity per mode

T3func: Algorithm for the Tucker3 model

T3funcrep: Algorithm for the Tucker3 model

T3runsApproxFit: Approximated Tucker3 solutions

threewayanova: Three-way ANOVA

tr: Trace

TV: TV data

varim: Varimax roation

varimcoco: Varimax Rotation for Tucker3 and Tucker2


bootstrapCP Man page
bootstrapT3 Man page
Bus Man page
Cc Man page
ccmat Man page
cent3 Man page
CP Man page
CPdimensionalityplot Man page
CPfitpartitioning Man page
CPfunc Man page
CPfuncrep Man page
CPrunsFit Man page
DimSelector Man page
jointplotgen Man page
Kinship Man page
LineCon Man page
meaudret Man page
norm3 Man page
normvari Man page
nrm2 Man page
ord Man page
orth Man page
orthmax2 Man page
pcamean Man page
pcasup1 Man page
pcasup2 Man page
pcasup3 Man page
percentile95 Man page
permnew Man page
perms Man page
phi Man page
rarray Man page
renormsolCP Man page
renormsolT3 Man page
splithalfCP Man page
splithalfT3 Man page
SUM Man page
supermat Man page
T1 Man page
T1runsFit Man page
T2 Man page
T2func Man page
T2funcrep Man page
T2runsApproxFit Man page
T3 Man page
T3dimensionalityplot Man page
T3fitpartitioning Man page
T3func Man page
T3funcrep Man page
T3runsApproxFit Man page
threewayanova Man page
tr Man page
TV Man page
varim Man page
varimcoco Man page


ThreeWay/R/CPfuncrep.R ThreeWay/R/CPfunc.R ThreeWay/R/phi.R ThreeWay/R/supermat.R ThreeWay/R/T2.R ThreeWay/R/T3runsApproxFit.R ThreeWay/R/T1.R ThreeWay/R/splithalfCP.R ThreeWay/R/CPfitpartitioning.R ThreeWay/R/varim.R ThreeWay/R/cent3.R ThreeWay/R/T3dimensionalityplot.R ThreeWay/R/CP.R ThreeWay/R/T3.R ThreeWay/R/threewayanova.R ThreeWay/R/T3fitpartitioning.R ThreeWay/R/renormsolT3.R ThreeWay/R/T2runsApproxFit.R ThreeWay/R/T3funcrep.R ThreeWay/R/pcamean.R ThreeWay/R/T3func.R ThreeWay/R/renormsolCP.R ThreeWay/R/T2func.R ThreeWay/R/CPrunsFit.R ThreeWay/R/LineCon.R ThreeWay/R/bootstrapCP.R ThreeWay/R/orthmax2.R ThreeWay/R/rarray.R ThreeWay/R/splithalfT3.R ThreeWay/R/SUM.R ThreeWay/R/normvari.R ThreeWay/R/jointplotgen.R ThreeWay/R/T2funcrep.R ThreeWay/R/CPdimensionalityplot.R ThreeWay/R/orth.R ThreeWay/R/nrm2.R ThreeWay/R/tr.R ThreeWay/R/ord.R ThreeWay/R/T1runsFit.R ThreeWay/R/Cc.R ThreeWay/R/DimSelector.R ThreeWay/R/pcasup1.R ThreeWay/R/perms.R ThreeWay/R/pcasup3.R ThreeWay/R/ccmat.R ThreeWay/R/percentile95.R ThreeWay/R/pcasup2.R ThreeWay/R/permnew.R ThreeWay/R/varimcoco.R ThreeWay/R/bootstrapT3.R ThreeWay/R/norm3.R
ThreeWay/man/Cc.Rd ThreeWay/man/percentile95.Rd ThreeWay/man/supermat.Rd ThreeWay/man/Bus.Rd ThreeWay/man/pcasup2.Rd ThreeWay/man/T2funcrep.Rd ThreeWay/man/meaudret.Rd ThreeWay/man/T3funcrep.Rd ThreeWay/man/bootstrapT3.Rd ThreeWay/man/T3runsApproxFit.Rd ThreeWay/man/SUM.Rd ThreeWay/man/T1.Rd ThreeWay/man/pcasup3.Rd ThreeWay/man/renormsolT3.Rd ThreeWay/man/pcasup1.Rd ThreeWay/man/ccmat.Rd ThreeWay/man/orth.Rd ThreeWay/man/T2func.Rd ThreeWay/man/T3func.Rd ThreeWay/man/T3fitpartitioning.Rd ThreeWay/man/norm3.Rd ThreeWay/man/CPfunc.Rd ThreeWay/man/CPdimensionalityplot.Rd ThreeWay/man/ord.Rd ThreeWay/man/orthmax2.Rd ThreeWay/man/jointplotgen.Rd ThreeWay/man/T1runsFit.Rd ThreeWay/man/CPrunsFit.Rd ThreeWay/man/Kinship.Rd ThreeWay/man/CPfuncrep.Rd ThreeWay/man/renormsolCP.Rd ThreeWay/man/T2.Rd ThreeWay/man/T3.Rd ThreeWay/man/bootstrapCP.Rd ThreeWay/man/varimcoco.Rd ThreeWay/man/splithalfT3.Rd ThreeWay/man/T2runsApproxFit.Rd ThreeWay/man/permnew.Rd ThreeWay/man/DimSelector.Rd ThreeWay/man/threewayanova.Rd ThreeWay/man/T3dimensionalityplot.Rd ThreeWay/man/perms.Rd ThreeWay/man/splithalfCP.Rd ThreeWay/man/CP.Rd ThreeWay/man/LineCon.Rd ThreeWay/man/cent3.Rd ThreeWay/man/phi.Rd ThreeWay/man/normvari.Rd ThreeWay/man/nrm2.Rd ThreeWay/man/tr.Rd ThreeWay/man/CPfitpartitioning.Rd ThreeWay/man/rarray.Rd ThreeWay/man/TV.Rd ThreeWay/man/varim.Rd ThreeWay/man/pcamean.Rd

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