Man pages for TreeBUGS
Hierarchical Multinomial Processing Tree Modeling

arnold2013Data of a Source-Monitoring Experiment
BayesFactorMPTBayes Factors for Simple (Nonhierarchical) MPT Models
BayesFactorSlopeBayes Factor for Slope Parameters in Latent-Trait MPT
betaMPTFit a Hierarchical Beta-MPT Model
betaMPTcppC++ Sampler for Hierarchical Beta-MPT Model
betweenSubjectMPTBetween-Subject Comparison of Parameters
correlationPosteriorPosterior Distribution for Correlations
extendMPTExtend MCMC Sampling for MPT Model
genBetaMPTGenerate Data for Beta MPT Models
genMPTGenerate MPT Frequencies
genTraitMPTGenerate Data for Latent-Trait MPT Models
getGroupMeansGet Mean Parameters per Group
getParamGet Parameter Posterior Statistics
getSamplesGet Posterior Samples from Fitted MPT Model
marginalMPTMarginal Likelihood for Simple MPT
plotPlot Convergence for Hierarchical MPT Models
plotDistributionPlot Distribution of Individual Estimates
plotFitPlot Posterior Predictive Mean Frequencies
plotFreqPlot Raw Frequencies
plotParamPlot Parameter Estimates
plotPriorPlot Prior Distributions
plotPriorPostPlot Prior vs. Posterior Distribution
posteriorPredictiveGet Posterior Predictive Samples
PPPCompute Posterior Predictive P-Values
priorPredictivePrior Predictive Samples
probitInverseProbit-Inverse of Group-Level Normal Distribution
readEQNRead multiTree files
simpleMPTC++ Sampler for Standard (Nonhierarchical) MPT Models
summarizeMCMCMCMC Summary
summarizeMPTSummarize JAGS Output for Hierarchical MPT Models
testHetChiChi-Square Test of Heterogeneity
testHetPermPermutation Test of Heterogeneity
traitMPTFit a Hierarchical Latent-Trait MPT Model
transformedParametersGet Transformed Parameters
TreeBUGS-packageTreeBUGS: Hierarchical Multinomial Processing Tree Modeling
withinSubjectEQNMake Within-Subject EQN Files
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