plotDistribution: Plot Distribution of Individual Estimates

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Plots histograms of the posterior-means of individual MPT parameters against the group-level distribution given by the posterior-mean of the hierarchical parameters (e.g., the beta distribution in case of the beta-MPT)


plotDistribution(fittedModel, scale = "probability", ...)



fitted latent-trait or beta MPT model (traitMPT, betaMPT)


only for latent-trait MPT: should estimates be plotted on the "latent" or the "probability" scale (i.e., as MPT parameters). Can be abbreviated by "l" and "p".


further arguments passed to hist (e.g., breaks=50 to get a more fine-grained histogram)


For the latent-trait MPT, differences due to continuous predictors or discrete factors are currently not considered in the group-level predictions (red line). Under such a model, individual estimates are not predicted to be normally distributed on the latent scale as shown in the plot.

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