Man pages for VecStatGraphs2D
Vector Analysis using Graphical and Analytical Methods in 2D

AddCosVectorsInternal function
AddSinVectorsInternal function
AllAzimuthStatisticsCalculation of all statistics of the azimuths
AllHarmonicMeanInternal function
AllModuleStatisticsCalculation of all statistics of the modules.
ArithmeticMeanCalculation of the Arithmetic Mean of the modules
casiuniforData Set
casiuniforpolarData Set
casiuniforpolardir1Data Set
CircularDispersalCalculation of the Circular Dispersal of the Azimuths
CircularStandardDeviationCalculation of the Circular Standard Deviation of the...
CircularVarianceCalculation of the Circular Variance of the azimuths
concentraData Set
concentrapolarData Set
ConfidenceIntervalInternal function
CorrectTypeInternal function
datos1Data Set
datos1050Data Set
datos1050.1Data Set
datos1050polarData Set
datos1.1Data Set
datos1polarData Set
datos2Data Set
datos2.1Data Set
datos2polarData Set
datos3Data Set
datos3.1Data Set
datos3polarData Set
datos4Data Set
datos4.1Data Set
datos4polarData Set
datos4polardir1Data Set
DrawArcInternal function
DrawAzimuthDensityGraphical representation of the azimuth density
DrawCircleInternal function
DrawDensityMapGraphic representation of a point density map
DrawDistributionGraphic representation of the distribution of the azimuths
DrawHistogramGraphic representation of the histogram of the azimuth...
DrawModuleAndAzimuthDistributionGraphic representation of module and azimuth distributions
DrawPointsGraphic representation of points
DrawQQPlotGraphical assessment of uniformity
DrawVectorsGraphic representation of the vectors
HistogramInternal function
KurtosisAzimuthCoefficientCalculation of the kurtosis coefficient of the azimuths
KurtosisModuleCoefficientCalculation of the kurtosis coefficient of the modules
LoadDataData loading and conversion of cartesian coordinates,...
mabel51polarData Set
mabel61polarData Set
masdatosData Set
masdatos.1Data Set
masdatospolarData Set
MeanAzimuthCalculation of the mean azimuth of the azimuths
MeanModuleCalculation of the mean module of the azimuths
MeasuredRealData.1GPS Data Set
MedianAzimuthCalculation of the median azimuth of the azimuths
ModulePopulationStandardDeviationCalculation of the population standard deviation of the...
ModulePopulationVarianceCalculation of the population variance of the modules
ModuleStandardDeviationCalculation of the standard deviation of the modules
ModuleVarianceCalculation of the variance of the modules
muchoceroData Set
muchocero1Data Set
NumberOfElementsCalculation of the number of elements of the modules
RaoTestRao test. Formal test of uniformity
RayleighTestRayleigh test. Formal test of uniformity
ReadFromFileInternal function
RectangularDataGPS Data Set
simple.1Data Set
SkewnessAzimuthCoefficientCalculation of the skewness coefficient of the azimuths
SkewnessModuleCoefficientCalculation of the skewness coefficient of the modules
StandardErrorCalculation of the standard error of the modules
ToCalculateErrorInternal function
ToCalculateIncrInternal function
ToRadiansInternal function
ToSexagesimalInternal function
VecStatGraphs2D-internalVectorial analysis using graphical and analytical methods in...
VecStatGraphs2D-packageVectorial analysis using graphical and analytical methods in...
vectores.1Data Set
VectorsToPolarInternal function
VectorsToRectangularInternal function
vientData Set
VonMisesParameterCalculation of von Mises concentration parameter of the...
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