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This package performs a 2D statistical analysis, both numerical and graphical, of a set of vectors. Because a vector has two components, module and azimuth, vector analysis is performed in three stages. First, modules are analyzed using linear statistics. Second, azimuths are analyzed by circular statistics. Third a joint analysis of modules and azimuths is performed using density maps that allow detection of other distribution properties (i.e. anisotropy) and outliers. Tests and circular statistic parameters are accompanied by a full range of graphing: histograms, maps of distributions, point maps, vector maps, density maps, distribution modules and azimuths.


Package: VecStatGraphs2D
Type: Package
Version: 1.7
Date: 2014-02-03
License: GPL-3
LazyLoad: yes


Juan Carlos Ruiz Cuetos, Angel Manuel Felicisimo, Aurora Cuartero, Maria Eugenia Polo Garcia, Pablo Garcia Rodriguez.

Maintainer: Pablo Garcia Rodriguez <>


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