ascorbate: Ascorbate Experiment

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log2 transformed samples using Illumina HumanWG-6 chips, 3 of which were controls, and three of which were sampled after the addition of ascorbate to the medium. Details and data available by searching ‘ascorbate’ at This dataset is a random subset of 5000 genes for smaller package size and faster example times




A list containing the following components:


data frame with 48803 rows and 6 columns. The expression levels of 48803 transcripts for the 6 subjects.


a vector of 6 elements indicating the condition of each subject ('' or '')


The data were downloaded from datasetID 5006.


Chung TL, Brena RM, Kolle G, Grimmond SM, Berman BP, Laird PW, Pera MF, Wolvetang EJ (2010). Vitamin C Promotes Widespread Yet Specific DNA Demethylation of the Epigenome in Human Embryonic Stem Cells; Stem Cells, 28 (10) 1848-1855,

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